• Krlos1307

    Thanks a lot my s4 alive again !!!

  • Mohammed Ali


  • CyriilB

    Also, I spent $600 on a phone to destroy it.

  • CyriilB

    The case opener tool looks like a guitar pick to me.

  • Nickolay TaNTaL

    Dreamtale - Intro

  • Screen Man

    Hello all,
    I uploaded a tutorial for the Galaxy S4 front glass replacement.
    Hope this will help you replace your broken Glass
    Kind regards
    Mr ScreenMan

  • Frankamentise

    Love the music. I can see Iron Maiden playing this.

  • ramesh1111111111

    what’s the name of music?

  • Jonathan Kostiuk

    does the chrome bezel around the lcd come off too? it looks like you are about to take it off in the dying seconds of the video

  • jshakey77

    great video!.. killing me with tha elevator music though..

  • s27945


  • BloodFest47

    This is the sort of vid which should be shown about the Galaxy S4!
    None of those vids by a bunch of pussies repeatedly showing how to replace the battery or insert a microSD card cut it for me at all.
    Keep up the good work. 😉

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