[Learn how to apply a Quick Fix to enable Picture Messages from your iPhone. Some people have discovered that they cannot send photos; otherwise called, MMS m…
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  • Jason Schmedes

    That’s not a fix. All you did was diagnose the problem.

  • Andrew Harms

    they do something on their end. just call them up and have them reset the communications. I hope i gave u good information

  • Andrew Harms

    I am on verizon and they reset something with sim card removed and it worked! but such a rare problem nobody ever had but maybe it will help somebody else

  • Andrew Harms

    @homeaddition I have a serious problem. i can send mms to non iphone users but not from iphone users though i can receive mms from iphone users. please help me. Im very frustrated I am jailbroken using 6.0.2

  • BrookeA7142

    I just updated mine and it wont let me send messages to people who do not have an iphone

  • popvsemo

    Thank you! :)

  • TheWisconsinBEAST

    Thank you

  • Benjamin Siefers

    ….I tried this, and It did not work…now my carrier is straight talk, but my phone is running off of AT&T towers…and it still does not work. it only sends to other iphone users…

  • radorhopley

    i cant believe i wasted 8 mins of my life for you to just say – turn off your wifi. seriously bud, thanks but fuck man

  • Terri Onterrioh

    For people like me who couldn’t figure out why we couldn’t send a photo to non – iPhone users!

  • alfredo alvarez

    thank u man

  • Mela Landeros

    I have the iphone 5 & i can only send mms to iphone users :(

  • AgentErick99

    ……… the point of this was ?

  • MrDavymak

    Fud waste of time


    I have an iphone 4 unlocked for family mobile and can only send pictures or video to other iphones.

  • adriane valadez

    it’s working thank you… i called sprint they said call ATT i called them they said sprinit issue.. go figure

  • Lee Sin

    If you cannot be stuffed to watch the whole thing here is a quick fix unlike this video :
    Turn off Wi-fi and enable 3-G or 4-G. That’s all…

  • homeaddition

    You’re welcome. It doesn’t make sense because it should always work, but this is what worked for me at the time of the video.

    Lately I’ve been able to send through wi-fi, maybe the latest #iphone update fixed the problem.

  • Turbo1dr

    This does not allow picture messaging to go to anything other than another Apple device. You can not send pictures to Android devices, only to another Apple device using iMessage. How about show us sending a picture to an android phone to see if that works.

  • MzPepperO

    Thank you so much I’ve been looking online constantly never found anything to resolve this issue! Your tutorial is the only one that’s worked! thank you so much

  • dan doyle

    that solved my problem thanks

  • russiancommy

    the button to send pic is grey i cant send nor revive them

  • pumkinjuce2

    worked thanks

  • 47amanzanares

    Update your iphones My Iphone 5 couldn’t send pictures either. Until I went to t-mobile just said to update your phone so i did. And BAM it worked..

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