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  • KardsMajik

    1:38 “there’s not a very high chance that it will break off” doesn’t boost my confidence at all

  • shalazy90

    i know right lol afraid i wont be able to put it back

  • cortneywestbrook

    Thanks for this video! REALLY helped me out. I would make a couple of suggestions though: slow down a little bit toward the end and couldn’t hardly see what you were doing. And, you skipped the step of putting the vibrator back on. But overall I would give this video a 10!! Great job!
    And how was your camera set up? (Just wondering)

  • dagisto1987

    Thank you very much I just replaced the broken front glass AND converted the black iphone to a white one.

  • lilmojett

    1: go to the AppStore on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Android and download “app trailers”
    2: enter code “harbingeroftuna” under bonus code section
    3: enjoy ^.^

  • Syna7x6661

    My speaker will not work on my iphone 4 cmda version after my screen repair. any help??

  • 159webdesign

    some peoples comments are just plain rude - A great tutorial and very informative thanks dude.

  • nateblazes

    very likely the 2 case screws you lost also held the dock connector in place …

  • drmiller20

    great directions thanks! Everything is back together except i lost the first 2 screws that hold the cover on. That said when i plugged it in to charge the apple symbol lite up and the phone came on but it won’t charge…any ideas?

  • Paul Greg

    Followed video no problem started phone had No Service in top corner to correct this remove battery connection and reconnect, phone should start OK. Also the 6 small screws with washers that remove the screen when replacing these use a magnetic screwdriver to hold the washer in place so the screw can be passed through it. In total allow one hour from start to finish

  • Ernesto Gutierrez

    Bad ass

  • cokbird

    It took me 2hrs to take it apart and still not got it complete as yet, this post has helped so far, thanks

  • crezpiz14

    Thanks, this helped me a LOT! THANKS!

  • danielgartin6993

    @kronic760 Do you mean the SIM Card,if it is an iPhone 4,there is none,if it is a 4S it is on the right side

  • Goosh81

    THANK YOU!!!

  • TheSuperXboxhacker

    @Isurfu2ube it goes we’re the mother board and the digitizer tab meets next to the camera

  • kronic760

    I cant find it on mije its a sprint…???help

  • DimDiDima

    Yes because the LCD and Digitized is glued together on the 4 and 4S.
    But these are much cheaper than 3G and 3GS screens.

  • Stenhouse94

    if its just the screen thats cracked do you only need to replace the digitizer and LCD?

  • np93j

    Its works! only i had to take out the top metal plate next to the camera or else the back wouldnt fit, also the home button is a tad loose, dont think it’s my fault but i can live with it, thanks for the vid!

  • isurfu2ube

    Hey I have some piece of rubber that came out when I was dissembling my i phone 4g its a small piece of rubber and I don’t know where it goes? the rubber is black and thin has a line grove in it, please let me know if its important and that i should place it back where it belongs or i just ignore it and assemble the iphone with ought it ??? help would be much appreciate it thanks

  • vWbsWv

    Heii i can do it for you i’m an iphone specialist for replacing screens , and any other parts that you want , if you want i can do it for 20$ But you have to ship it to FYROM Macedonia :D…


    U suck and u forgot bunch of things idiot

  • Gucci985Daux

    Anybody need their iPhone repaired? Or need parts? Please feel free to email me ( applelogin92@yahoo.com )

  • CENTAUR559

    Does anyone know if the Iphone 4 – Sprint Digitizer fits the Iphone 4 – Verizon Digitizer? Are the brackets the same?

  • pdaparts

    Because the motherboard has to be removed in order to get the screen out and the sim card will get in the way and can break the board if not removed. That is the short answer.

  • MrOhjames

    Do I have to remove the SIM card to do this?? If so Why? :)

  • pdaparts

    We do offer a mail in repair service at DirectFix com which is cheaper than apple. Take a look.

  • pdaparts

    No because you are replacing the complete screen. The touch panel/ glass top can not be separated on the 4S.

  • jhchapman5150

    Do you need any adhesive strips on this one for reassembly?

  • kingmatt59081

    yeaaaaa. ill just have apple replace it way too much work

  • pdaparts

    Take a look at the Blog for DirectFix on either the ebay scam of digitizers for the iPhone 4/4S or info under the parts description on why you can NOT replace just the LCD or just the screen/digitizers on a 4/4S.

  • jebaker1121

    soo how do I put new glass on? lol

  • pdaparts

    We have a video on how to put it back together. Take a look at our other videos.

  • pdaparts

    We have a video on how to put it back together. Take a look at our other videos.

  • pdaparts

    That is ok because we offer a mail in repair service for this at DirectFix com

  • TomM6778

    I don’t have the balls to do it ahah

  • cbbthx99

    ok ok… now how do i put it back!!!?!?

  • Theammatures

    Great…but how do I put it back together?


    lol that is a dumb question. the link was in the video the whole time

  • pdaparts

    Parts are available at DirectFix com.

  • pdaparts

    Both. The iPhone 4S is the same phone for all carriers.

  • Drakhpally

    Dumb question: Where can you buy the screen?

  • bishopscm1000

    is this att or verizon phone?

  • pdaparts

    Yes, if you do not want to do it take a look at our mail in repair service at DirectFix com

  • TheElise1221

    Do you really have to do all that to change your front?

  • colinbarrs

    People ask the dumbest questions

  • pdaparts

    Take a look at the Blog for DirectFix on either the ebay scam of digitizers for the iPhone 4/4S or info under the parts description on why you can NOT replace just the LCD or just the screen/digitizers on a 4/4S.

  • MarketThat1

    I’m confused is the screen/digitizer separate or combined/the same piece as the LCD?

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