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  • ICRACKEDiPhoneRepair

    From the symptoms you have described, it sounds like the bottom speaker was not fitted as snuggly as it should have been as you repaired the phone

  • pontifff

    Great Video! I followed it to the letter and it works great except the speakers buzz when I listen to music, etc. It’s like something is shorting out somewhere and causing it to buzz and crackle. However, when I use the headphones they sound perfect. Any ideas how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance!

  • MyDanielDK

    i cant find it plz help!!

  • ICRACKEDiPhoneRepair

    please check out our shop on iCracked.com for more information on our flowcharts

  • MyDanielDK

    where can i get the teardown flowchart???

  • 10032uhhh

    my emf cover is silver and the 3 center screws cant come off for nothing i so pissed theres no way those come off ? i try unscrewing it but it doesnt even turn. the screw nxt to the camera the one below it and the one across from it

  • Leo Dequito

    @qdolcns yep i agree. i am very lucky to get to know about this site. but i can tell you one thing, i really ddnt expect that apple will send me the iphone4S without any dime for testing then keep. its worth a try here > bit.ly/PH2BWO?=lrqzcp

  • Billy Maxwell

    Griponme88…. Make sure your the top of your motherboard is correctly in, on the top of case directly at the side of where the lcd ribbon connecters come through there is a little nib, the mothereboard should fit just under this tiny nib, if not in correctly it sits on top of this nib raising it by a about a mm, in turn making evertything else at the top raised so the back will not fit flush

  • Billy Maxwell

    There is a black rubber band that fell off my motherboard when putting it back in, all it needs to do is wrap round the top of the motherboard to protect LCD ribbon cable rubbing, also the LCD ribbon cable was bent on my case which ive found is common for most cases just make sure it is flat when fixing it back together

  • griponme88

    I took my iPhone apart to replace LCD and put it back together everything wilts fine but now my back panel won’t fit back on. I tried taking it apart and putting it back together but no luck someone help plz. Idk what I could have don’t wrong.

  • Thejustinennis

    Thank you so very much icracked.com your video is very useful and well demostrated thank you very muched.

  • LightTheNightAway

    is that antenna cable (the small one) the same or similar to the number 6 cable on a 3gs?

  • iLikeToDrum1

    yea they suck i bought a diy kit and they didnt send me the tools

  • peter113506

    ha icraked

  • stocktoncolts35

    iam buying a blue screen and back att iphone 4 and my mom told me to ask you would this affect my phone

  • TheRealAlex24

    I Just Poped My Battery -_-

  • Johirul Alam

    Hey, I only just discovered EvaluateLikeKeep. Do you know it? They are giving out the most up-to-date iPhone 4S absolutely free! Extremely fascinating, since I am looking to get one so badly! Thought you may want one also. Just do a Google search for “EvaluateLikeKeep”…

  • john12121312

    what do u do if u short it out with a metal object

  • Steve Xochitiotzi

    After putting the new screen the sensor doesn’t work. When I make calls, it doesn’t lock so I’m always pressing stuff with my cheek. Help?

  • iLikeToDrum1

    dont buy shit from these fucks they rip you off. FUCK YOU I CRACKED MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!

  • The40nontyy3

    You look like a monkey 😀

  • hermeshilbertjunior

    My friend, first, thank you for the video, it was my savior, my home button was busted, but i accidentally cut the data flat cable on the lower left side of the iphone, so i bought a new one and i am installing, but when i fliped the iphone a little rubber with a red dot fell out and i dont know where is its location, can you help me?

  • 7andGproductions

    I ordered the repair kit for the iPhone 4 screen replacement (order #10105193 on 06/28/12) and followed the instructions. It turns on, but the screen doesnt register touch and is suddenly talking to me. What could I have done incorrectly? I tried resetting it via iTunes, but it still does not recognize my touch (but, fortunately, is no longer talking). I reseated the digitizer connection, but it still does not recognize my touch. Should I send it in, or is there another solution I can try?

  • Fitz Wyatt

    exactly, same thing happens to me. always the battery connector.

  • rednevaleven

    what about the camera if I change my iphone from black to white? They say that there’ll be a black ring on the picture if i use flash when i take picture.

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